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Accelerate your business performance with insights from Formula 1 legends Mark Gallagher and David Coulthard. In this session, these experts will share winning strategies from the fast-paced world of F1 – leveraging data analytics, managing risk, embracing innovation, and thriving through change. Gain a competitive edge by learning how to optimize performance, foster a culture of excellence, and cross the finish line ahead of your rivals. Learn from Mark Gallagher’s industry knowledge and David Coulthard’s 13 Grand Prix victories for an unforgettable experience that will drive your team towards success.


What You'll Get

  • icon 3-Hours of High-Impact Keynote Address and Moderated Q&A Session
  • icon Exclusive Photo Session with David Coulthard and Mark Gallagher
  • icon Premium Networking Opportunity with David Coulthard and Mark Gallagher
  • icon Signed Memorabilia from David Coulthard and Mark Gallagher
  • icon Autographed Book from Mark Gallagher “The Future Business Formula: How to Change Faster and Accelerate Business Success”
  • icon Autographed Book from David Coulthard’s “The Winning Formula”
  • icon Executive Summary of the Full Session
  • icon All-inclusive cost of speakers which includes their fees, flights, hotel, ground transfer and incidentals

David Coulthard

Thirteen-time Formula One Champion

Mark Gallagher

Grand Prix Motor Racing Boss and Director for Performance Insights

Grand Prix Motor Racing Boss; Director for Performance Insights

Mark Gallagher has dedicated his career to Formula One motor racing spanning leadership roles at Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing, and Cosworth Formula 1 engine company.

With a keen focus on addressing Formula One’s challenges, Gallagher’s involvement in technical working groups within the FIA underscores his commitment to sustainability and safety initiatives. Since 1994, he has played a pivotal role in integrating leading technology companies into Formula One, driving its digital transformation.

Mark’s journey in Formula One began in media and communications in 1983 before ascending to management roles at Jordan Grand Prix and later at Red Bull Racing. His tenure at Cosworth Formula One engine company further solidified his industry expertise and influence.

As the founder of Performance Insights, his consulting business, Gallagher collaborates with teams, partners, and drivers, leveraging over 15 years of industry experience.

Beyond Formula One, Mark’s ventures extend to Status Grand Prix, lower formulae, and international sports cars racing. As a published author, columnist, and broadcaster for prominent motorsport publications, his contributions shape the narrative of Formula One’s business and technological evolution.


Grand Prix Motor Racing Boss;
Director for Performance Insights


Note: The programme can be adjusted based on your event’s requirements and preferences.

0900 – 0930

0930 – 1030

Mark Gallagher shares his experiences as a former F1 team manager, providing insights into the inner workings of a Formula 1 team, from strategy and logistics to team dynamics and decision-making.

Key Learnings: 

  • Using Big Data To Accelerate Success
  • How F1 assess risks, seize opportunities, and adapt their strategies to thrive in evolving conditions

1030 – 1130

Engage in an engaging moderated session with David Coulthard and Mark Gallagher, exploring the business and technical aspects of motorsport. Learn strategies for gaining a competitive edge through speed, adaptability, and precision.

Key Learnings:

  • Unleashing Personal Potential
  • How to pursue continuous improvement and peak performance
  • Essentials For Transformative Strategies

1130 – 1200