Strategies from Formula One
to the Boardroom

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Mark Gallagher offers actionable business insights through his Formula One experience. The keynote covers data-driven decision-making, teamwork, and innovation, drawing parallels with business success. An interactive Q&A session provides practical advice and deeper exploration of these concepts. Attendees will learn the importance of analytics, effective collaboration, and fostering innovation. This program combines inspirational storytelling with practical strategies for leadership and decision-making.


What You'll Get

  • icon High-Impact 60-Minute Keynote Address and Q&A Session
  • icon Signed Memorabilia from Mark Gallgaher
  • icon Premium Networking Opportunity with Mark Gallagher
  • icon Exclusive Photo Session with Mark Gallagher
  • icon 30 Complimentary Autographed Book from Mark Gallagher “The Future Business Formula: How to Change Faster and Accelerate Business Success”
  • icon Executive Summary of the Full Session
  • icon All-inclusive cost of speaker which includes his fees, flights, hotel, ground transfer and incidentals


Note: The programme can be adjusted based on your event’s requirements and preferences.

0900 – 0930

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0930 – 1100

Strategies from Formula One to the Boardroom

Mark Gallagher shares how Formula One strategies can be applied to corporate decision-making. He will share insights on performance optimization, risk management, and the importance of timing, demonstrating how F1 principles can enhance business success.

Key Learnings:

  • Leadership Under Pressure
  • Risk and Reward
  • Data-Driven Performances

1100 – 1130

Premium Networking and Exclusive Photo Session with Mark Gallagher


Closing Remarks





    Grand Prix Motor Racing Boss; Director for Performance Insights

    Mark Gallagher has dedicated his career to Formula One, holding leadership roles at Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing, and Cosworth Formula One engine company. His involvement in technical working groups within the FIA highlights his commitment to sustainability and safety initiatives in the sport.

    Starting in media and communications in 1983, Mark rose to management roles at Jordan Grand Prix and Red Bull Racing. His tenure at Cosworth further solidified his industry expertise. As the founder of Performance Insights, his consulting business, Mark collaborates with teams, partners, and drivers, leveraging over 15 years of industry experience.

    Beyond Formula One, Mark’s ventures extend to Status Grand Prix, lower formulae, and international sports car racing. As a published author, columnist, and broadcaster for prominent motorsport publications, his contributions shape the narrative of Formula One’s business and technological evolution.